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Big Money in Healthcare

Hello volatility. It was another wild week for the market, with stocks posting their first 3-day drop in nine months before rebounding on Friday to ease the pain. The only sector that finished up on the week was energy, lifted by the biggest move in crude in over two years. The theme remains the same.…

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How Do You Value a Stock?

We left off last week talking about the market being at a 2-year high. That means stock prices are up big over the last 24 months, with the Dow and S&P500 almost doubling from the bottom in March of 2009. But just because stocks are up doesn’t mean they are expensive. Sounds pretty weird, right?…

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Weekly Update-Feb 13, 2011

We’ve spent the last few weeks dissecting our favorite sectors and analyzing our top picks in each category, so it looks like a good time to shift gears and see how the portfolio is coming together. When you are talking about building a portfolio, you have two primary options for a deployment strategy. You can…

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