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Dow Clings to 3-Year High

The market loves key levels. Key levels get everyone on the Street all fired up. Like when oil surged past the unthinkable $100 a barrel in the spring of 2008. Or when gold hurdled past $1,000/ounce later that year. Fast forward to this week and we have another very key level at hand; Dow 13,000.…

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Weekly Update-February 19, 2012

Stocks were on the ropes mid week before the usual Greece and Euro-zone rumors lifted the mood into the weekend. For the week, the Dow added .4%, the S&P500 gained 1.4% while the Nasdaq led after tacking on 1.7%. The front half of the week saw stocks trading to multi-week lows as Greece stumbled with…

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Market Swings with Greece

Even though there was a lot of pessimism going into 2012, it’s turning out to be a great year. Corporate earnings have been strong, the Fed has reaffirmed its commitment to stimulation and the domestic economy continues to perform ahead of expectations. The result is the averages trading at a 2-year high after logging a…

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