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Weekly Update-May 25, 2012

By: Michael Vodicka “But now, instead of just having to deal with small-member country Greece, the EU is confronted with the same issues with Spain, Italy and Portugal. The problems are pretty simply to understand; way too much debt, huge deficits and no real will to cut spending and entitlements.” Stocks finally emerged from a…

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Weekly Update-May 11, 2012

By: Michael Vodicka “Everyone knows that if one of the investment banks blows up not only will it rock the entire global economy, it will be the taxpayers left picking up the bill as the executives scurry away with millions of dollars.” The bears took firm control of the market this week, pushing the averages…

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Weekly Update-May 5, 2012

By: Michael Vodicka “Bigger picture, as always, it all comes back to the central banks. Everyone in the world knows the central banks will be there to support the cause on any material pullback in stocks or the economy.” Stocks took a bit of a beating this week, posting their worst performance of the year…

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