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The Vodicka Group is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). We provide customized investment solutions to young professionals.

The Vodicka Group, Inc - Save Time, Save Money, Build Wealth

The Vodicka Group was founded and incorporated in 2008. Our wealth management service is built on four key principles: a personal relationship, great technology, total transparency and lower fees.

Personal Relationship: I take the time to create a personal relationship with all my clients. That helps me gain a deeper understanding of their financial situation, investing goals and risk tolerance. This relationship and information enables me to develop a customized financial plan that helps my clients achieve their financial goals faster and smarter.

Great Technology: My clients benefit from some of the best technology in the industry. The brokerage firm’s software systems continuously scan your account and look for opportunities to improve performance and reduce risk. They are also programmed to reinvest dividends and automate contributions and distributions.

Total Transparency: My goal is for every one of my clients to have access to their accounts and portfolios at any time, from anywhere. My clients can access their accounts from the desktop, a tablet or a smartphone 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. I also publish weekly and monthly newsletters, keeping my clients up to date on global markets and their portfolios.

Lower Fees: Wall Street loves to rip off its client. We take the opposite approach. I believe that if I put the interest of the client first, they will be more loyal and become life-long customers. Our portfolios use low-cost ETFs instead of high-cost mutual funds. Our brokerage firm has been ranked as one of the best discount brokers in the industry. 

When you add it all together, the Vodicka Group is helping its clients save time, save money and build wealth.

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Michael Vodicka – President, Founder and Licensed Advisor

My name is Michael Vodicka, I am the president and founder of the Vodicka Group, a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) that creates customized investment solutions for young professionals.

I have a bachelor's degree in Business Communications from the University of Kansas. I am a licensed investment advisor (Series 65) and a financial journalist and I write for some of the best publishers in the industry.

After spending a decade working in the Chicago financial services industry, I learned an important lesson. Big banks and brokerage firms don’t put the interest of the client first.

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise. After all, Wall Street crashed the global economy in 2009, took a $750 billion bailout from hard working taxpayers to stay afloat and then proceeded to pay themselves enormous annual bonuses. I was disgusted - I knew there was a better way.

I left Wall Street for good in 2011 and started my wealth management firm - the Vodicka Group. Today, the Vodicka Group is managing more than $8 million dollars for more than 60 clients.

I am also the founder and editor of Cannabis Stock Trades, where I provide professional cannabis stock research for individual investors looking to cash in on the high-growth cannabis industry.

Here's a link to some of my published stock research if you would like to learn more about my views on the global economy and markets.

Michael Vodicka at Street Authority.



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